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Born and raised in a suburb of Los Angeles in 1968, Doug spent his early years watching shows like "Emergency" and "Adam 12". He remembers watching these shows and wanting so badly to be part of the action. The thought of being “Johnny” from “Emergency” was overwhelming, but turned out to be quite an inspiration.

After graduating high school in 1986, Doug went to a junior college in Van Nuys, CA. He had no idea what he wanted to do for a career so he took basic colleges courses to pass the time. After taking a "First Aid" course, he realized that he wanted to work as an Paramedic.

In 1988 Doug worked for a private ambulance company in Glendale California. After a few years, Doug knew it was time to move forward with his career and began to take pre-requisites for the nursing program. In 1991, Doug applied to three different nursing programs with hopes of becoming a Registered Nurse. A year later in 1992, Doug started the nursing program at LAC-USC Medical Center School of Nursing. He graduated two years later with as a Registered Nurse.

Knowing well that he wanted to work in a fast pace environment, Doug applied to every ER in the city. Unfortunately, ERs would not hire new graduates and was told he needed to work in a hospital for one year "to get experience'. Not liking the idea of working in the Medical Surgical area of the hospital, Doug looked elsewhere to work for a year.......Hospice.

In late 1994, Doug was introduced to the field of hospice. He worked for a small non-profit hospice, with the hope of getting one year's experience so that he could go back to the ER. One year turned into three, then into eleven and then to almost 18.

In addition, Doug is an Expert Witness with the California Board of Registered Nursing. 

He can be contacted via email @

He has two children, Jessica and Ryan.












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